How to lose weight working the night shift?

Today I will share with you some tips on how to lose weight while you are sleeping.What to do if you work overnight, what if you got the night shift.


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I have to say I myself get through this. When I was a university student, I worked as a bartender, I would get off work at 3am in the morning and even 5 am in the morning and I did this for about 4 years. And I know you don’t have any option because it is your job to make a living. As much as I can say it’s much healthier to sleep all night and working during the day hours. It is not always an option for everyone. I do understand and that is how anyone to make a goal to eventually change your time schedule to change when you’re working to try and get a day job as opposed to a night job.


How to lose weight when working night shift? I know a lot of my friends ask what you do. What food to eat? How to find time to do exercise? I will give you my top five tips.


The first tip that I did is exercise. It is 1.30am in the morning. The biggest tip is like Tony Robbins said “To make it standard, you may not always meet your goals but you will always at least reach your standards”. I made a standard to work out 6 days a week. I am going to at least work out P90X 6 days a week and I really committed to that.


My next tip is to make sure that you set a time for your exercise. Now some people say doing exercise in the morning or in the evening or in the afternoon. Of course, when you are working night shift, it doesn’t apply to you. I would just plan ahead a time for each day whether I am going to do it before work or after work. So when I started out, I was doing after work. And it was really difficult. I would come home after 12-hour-night shift and try to do 60 minutes of P90X and I found me asleep on the floor after the stretch. I do like it better before the night shift. I get up about 4pm, do my work out, and have time to shower, get ready and then go to work at 7pm. But committed to doing that whichever workout you are doing. Sometime, I don’t have time to finish the workout, I still push play at least start the workout.


The next tip is to have food preparation day. That is really important that you take your lunch with you to work. Because you know food courts open, restaurants open in the morning. But you aren’t getting healthy foods from those. All of the foods need to be cut off, need some food procession, steam like broccoli, cauliflower. And I put it in a little container. Then other food prep thing is that every time you make a meal, just make extra and have leftovers for lunch. Some veggie spaghetti sauce and cut up some watermelon in there. I am going to take all that with me the next time I go to work. I want to show how huge my lunch bag is. Because I really believe that if you have 12 hours shift especially then you really need to have enough food for 3 meals. I mean at least 3 meals and nice snacks in 12 hours as a whole day. So I almost take enough food for a whole three days. So I have variety and I don’t want to use similar .if I end up not want to eat some certain food, I can eat another snack. So, I just prepare some nuts, healthy popcorn, Begum dark chocolate chips that I just have to limit the amount that I eat. One key to remember is that having a last meal of the day at least 2-3 hours before sleeping.


The next tip is drinking a lot of water. Sometime when you’re thinking you are hungry or just thirsty, you should have a big mug at work for you to carry around.


My last tip would be get lots of sleep. It is really hard on night shift sometime. Just come home and go to bed as soon as possible you can and sleep as long as you can. It is important to make sure that you are getting rested during the day that you are getting adequate enough sleep because a lot of time people worked the night shift, that they get during the day much less than what they really need to make sure you are really block out time to get enough 7-8 hours to sleep.


That is how I able to lose 48 pounds while I am working the night shift. I just want you know it possible and I hope these tips help you. If there is anything you find unclear, anything you want more elaboration on, please give me a comment. I will try my best to answer them.


An insight into Yoga

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In Hindu philosophy, the methodical part of self-realization and spiritual attainment is known as “Sadhana” and the state of holy union with the Supreme is termed as “Yoga”. It is the sojourn with reflection and rejuvenation to stimulate the inner rhythm i.e. “SwaSwara” that is designed in a holistic approach to detoxify and cleanse the physical, astral and causal bodies. Yoga has the potential to heal the body on many levels. Human body is a mirror image of the sub-conscious mind and the yogic postures enrich it physically, mentally and emotionally, thus, strengthening to its inner core and the outcome is a fresh and rejuvenated mind, body and soul brimming with life.


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A path to enlightenment that winds back 5,000 years to ancient India, Yoga has suddenly acquired the focal point amongst people enriching its immediate benefits but without any kinds of risks attached. India since aeons has hogged the limelight for its immense wealth in all materialistic and non-materialistic forms and with each passing day the Yoga techniques have attained the zenith.


Patanjali, the eminent pioneer in this arena compiled the various sutras which form the foundation of the modern Yoga treatise. The methodologies might have changed over the course of time yet the basic principle remains the same. These have emancipated into diverse forms and practices concentrating on several aspects of the human-astral connections. There is much to gain with a continued yoga practice that can benefit the entire society as the populace increases in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


The Indian value-system opines with life forces i.e. Prana flowing within the body circulating amongst pertinent energy centers and, thus rejuvenating oneself from the inner soul that extends purity to physical appearance. In contrast to it, the West apprehends the physical being to be the focal point and the visuals create a more substantial realization of the well-being of a person.



Globalization has its repercussions as well and to reprimand it, a harmonic rhythm is to be established amidst the inner soul and the outside world, the human body paves as the interface and for this to accomplish, Yoga definitely paves the way to reach that state of effortless peace and tranquility, simultaneously dwelling the human body in utmost contentment and deterring it from the worldly affairs and their ruthlessness.


What Size of Trampoline to Buy?

Trampoline is an efficient way which encourages all family members to get involved into an entertainment type. It is a great suggestion for people to gather together on weekends or holidays. There are numerous trampoline models available on the market and sometimes they make people confused. One of the problematic matters to consider carefully among different options is the trampoline size. However, people are supported well by the power of online purchasing. This guide will help you find out the most suitable size of trampoline which matches your requirements the most.


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Factors to Consider For Choosing the Best Size

When purchasing a trampoline, we had better put into our considerations these factors below. The first important thing to think about is how space your backyard is. You could decide whether your space is large enough for placing the trampoline or not. Measure the size of land to ensure its suitability with your trampoline. Another essential element is considering the ages and weights of users. Each type of customers will require specific requirements. There are differences among the demands of kids and adults, as well as beginners or professionals. For example, kids often require smaller space of trampoline than adults and vice versa.


Various Sizes of the Trampoline

In addition to the aesthetic function, the size also decides strength and stability of a trampoline. You have chance to select right size of trampoline including 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 15 feet and 16 feet.


8 feet is the smallest size of a trampoline, which is suitable for kids to play. A great convenience of using this type is that we don’t have to need the support of ladders to climb on the trampoline. The distance between trampoline and land is quite close and it protects jumpers from falling down.


When children grow a little bit, they will need a bigger space which could endure heavier weight for doing more tricks. Therefore, 12 feet of size is a popular option nowadays on the marketplace. It keeps up with the needs and demands of children at all ages. For families with many kids, they often choose 10-12 feet of size as a great recommendation. If you prefer large space for doing exercises and getting great bounces, more than 14 feet of size is for you. The trampoline with this size range requires big space for placing and higher cost. However, for people who want to practice difficult and adventurous exercises and tricks, this size offers tons of benefits that ensure to make you surprised.


Safety Concerns


The first important factor that we should take into our account before using a trampoline is safety. More specifically, you had better allow only one user at one time of using. If your kids play on the trampoline, let’s supervise them all the time to avoid unexpected damages and injuries. Ensure that the areas around your trampoline are clean without any dangerous items. During the trampoline is in use, make sure that there is no animal beneath its surface. 


Benefits of Massage Chair for seniors

Seniors are important age group who are easily suffered by chronic health problems. Therefore, manufactures nowadays attempt to serve the health of seniors by offering them a great number of modern equipment. One of the best-selling items we would like to introduce to you today is electric massage chair. It not only inherits numerous traditional features, but also has huge improvement in both design and function. Find out fabulous features of the massage chair which positively puts the impact on senior health.

 Stability Enhancement

One of the most popular symptoms we often see at seniors is falls. One fact is that more than 85% of senior injury comes from falls. There are numerous reasons causing to this problem, including osteoporosis, low blood circulation and diabetes. Therefore, instead of using tons of medicals in your body, a massage chair is an out-standing recommendation for muscle relief and stability enhancement. It makes seniors more balanced on their feet and effectively avoids fall disease.

Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain is the main reason leading to anxiety and sleeplessness at seniors. Then, regularly using a massage chair helps treat pressure points and muscle tension in different parts of your body. As a result, in addition to the great contribution to relieve pain, it also helps improve the mental health of seniors by increasing endorphins in an effective way.

Blood Circulation

Low or high blood circulation also causes to the danger of falling and cold feet. Massage therapy is a great solution to offer fresh oxygen and nutrition to strengthen smooth blood flow. As a result, it makes your hands and feet warm and stronger. Stress is a main reason leading to the accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles. Massaging can help remove this accumulation in our body.

Sleeplessness Treatment

Most of seniors have to deal with sleep deprivation. Sleeplessness affects human life toward a negative way, such as immune reduction, chronic pain, anxiety; etc…By the effect in your mental health, massage chairs contribute to bring the deep sleep through the reduction in anxiety and pressure. Another great benefit of using the massage chair is that it enhances the alertness of seniors.

Daily Activity Effectiveness

When people get older, their health is easily deprived. Sometimes, seniors might feel the loneliness, unbalance, less stability and convenience. Through the positive impact on the health of seniors, it solves these matters immediately. Besides, a healthy life encourages users to get involved in social activities. It makes seniors feel confident to communicate with the partners.

In short, there are remarkable reasons why a massage chair is right investment for seniors in long-term goals. It effectively improves the general health status of old people in a comprehensive way. The machine not only puts positive impact on physical health, but also mental condition of all users. It is evidence that preventing chronic health problems for both young and older users is always an important task that encourages the whole society to get involved.


Burn Calories with Exercise

Everywhere you go you hear phrases like, “if you exercise you will lose weight,” “maybe you should take the stairs,” “you should take a daily walk” or “you should get a gym membership.”  The truth is the statements are true, to a point.  Exercise is important, but just walking around the corner or taking that set of stairs is not going to work alone.


When exercising for weight loss, it is important to get your heart rate up and burn more calories than your body stores during the day.  The very best way to ensure that you are going to accomplish both, getting your heart rate up and burning calories, is to schedule your workout and do it!


Getting your heart rate up will also cause you to breath harder which will help make your heart and your lungs stronger.  My favorite way to determine my heart rate is to use the RPE scale (Rate of perceived exertion scale), which is where 1 is when you are at rest, 2 is very light activity, 5 is somewhat hard, 7 is hard, and 10 is your max exertion.  Often times when you get to level 10 you get into the anaerobic zone and barely able to breathe.  For most exercises I recommend you stay between a 6 & 9.  Especially if you are only working out three days a week, if you are at 5 or 6 days a week you can have one or two of those days around a 4 or 5.  With all these numbers, I’ll go over the RPE again for you – 1 is rest, 2 very light, 3 light, 4 fairly light, 5 somewhat hard, 6 hard, 7 hard/heavy, 8 very hard, 9 extremely hard and 10 max exertion.   The higher the intensity you work out at (or higher you are on the scale of 1-10) the more calories you are going to burn.  The more calories you burn the more fat you will lose.


By burning calories through intense workouts, you will burn those extra fat calories that your body is holding onto.


This will not happen just by thinking about it, you actually have to put forth the effort.  This is why it is so important that you schedule your workouts and stick to your schedule.  The easiest way to ensure you will stick to them is by making sure you are scheduling them at an uninterrupted time. 


If you have busy afternoons, schedule your workout in the morning…or vice versa.  I prefer mornings before everyone else wakes up.  Yes that means I’m up early but guess what, I get it done.  I do not have meetings, places to be or shopping to do at 4am.  Plus, I have so much energy after my workout that it last all day.  I do not feel sluggish in the afternoon and still have tons of energy when it’s time to cook supper.  If you are up later than everyone else, you could workout at night.  For you night exercisers, pay attention to how well you sleep afterward; exercise is known to give you energy which can cause a lack of sleep.


Finding the perfect time may take some trial and error, but that is okay.  Try one time slot, if it doesn’t work try a new one.


Look through your daily schedule and share in the comment section when the best time for you to workout occurs.  Then schedule it.